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April PPFC Membership Meeting

  • 13 Apr 2017
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • VFW Post 4051 - 430 E Pikes Peak Ave


 Our April 13th membership meeting will feature a clinic on how to shoot accurately and fast given by Roger Oakey, NRA instructor, coach and PPFC member. This will be a hands-on clinic that members can participate in if they wish to do so! If you wish to take the clinic, bring a cased, UNLOADED handgun with you - make sure you read AND FOLLOW the rules below! There will be a few SIRT simulation pistols available for those that do not wish to bring a firearm or do not want to dry fire their firearm without snap-caps.

Some techniques taught in basic firearms classes do not scale well when trying to shoot rapidly under stress in defensive or competition situations. In this clinic Roger will focus on rapidly pressing the trigger without disturbing the firearm, one of several components that will accelerate your shooting. A rapid trigger press is also a skill that can be taught via, and responds well to dry practice, allowing the clinic to be presented at our normal membership meeting facility and not at a range.

If you wish to participate in the clinic, please carefully read the following requirements:

The clinic will be run under NRA training rules, which means NO AMMUNITION IN THE CLASSROOM! Specifically, these rules will be enforced:

  • No ammunition, snap-caps or magazines* allowed!
  • Bring an unloaded handgun within a case.
  • Do not uncase your handgun until explicitly told to do so.

We have a wonderful venue at the VFW. Don’t be that guy or gal that has a negligent discharge and ruins it for everyone, so please follow the above rules to the letter!

* If your firearm has a magazine disconnect, bring 1 empty magazine.

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