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Gun Owners Don't Care About Children?
By Scott Jackson, Past PPFC President

I just don’t care about children.  Never mind the arguments that would be made by my family and friends.  The reality is that if I support the individual’s right to firearms ownership, which I wholeheartedly do, then I must not care about children.  The two ideas are mutually exclusive, right?  

This ridiculous precept is what gun owners are being faced with in the latest Alinsky styled attacks: if you support gun ownership, you must not care about children.  

As an example, my daughter, the mother of two, was recently asked by a coworker why it was that she didn’t care about children, after my daughter defended personal gun ownership rights.  Such propaganda from the far left and the complicit media is designed to politically capitalize on recent horrors and further their anti-gun agenda by oversimplifying the issue, by playing on raw emotions, and by creating division.  Moreover, it vilifies guns as the problem, and promotes the idea that guns need to be eradicated.  

An attempt to abolish guns is not pragmatic, nor is it the answer.  It’s true that ill minded people with ill intent in their hearts will use guns to carry out murder and destruction.  However, in the midst of an attack, guns in the hands of good people with good intentions are the best way to stop such murder and destruction.  The more good people with guns that are out there, the better protected society will be from such threats.  (This applies to practical defense situations, and perhaps more importantly, to deter would be attackers.)  

It is with this and other factors in mind, that I unapologetically and enthusiastically support the right to the private ownership of firearms, and the application of an individual’s right to protect themselves and those around them. This is because, I do care about the safety of our children; and I do want gun violence to end.

We must get past the divisive and oversimplified colloquial gun control arguments that don’t address the real societal issues that cause gun violence.  Until that happens, and action is taken to stem these issues, history is doomed to continue to repeat itself.  The problem is that these issues are more complex and harder to deal with than invoking simple gun laws that temporarily satisfy public cravings to “do something.”  But, are we ready as a society to realize the issues and truly take them on?

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